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Block Making Machine

4-20 cement brick machine

QT4-20 cement brick machine technical parameters:

Molding design speed15s per mold
product specification
Vibration frequency3000 times/min (adjustable)

240×115×53 mm   

(Standard bricks per mold 26 pieces)

Exciting force37N (adjustable)


(4 bricks per module)

total power26(KW)

240×115×90 mm   

(12 bricks per mold)

Daily output

62400 pieces/10h (standard brick)

250×250×60 mm   

(6 pieces of paving bricks per module)

Pallet size920×560×30-35mm (bamboo)

225×111×60 mm   

(Pavement bricks per mold 12 pieces)

Machine quality6.8T

200×100×60 mm   

(Pavement bricks per mold 12 pieces)


Cement brick machine equipment workshop display:

4-20 cement brick machine

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