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Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Model: QT series

Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr

Power: 20-48kw

Concrete Block Making Machine Features

Fully automatic concrete block making machine or hollow block produced by cheap concrete block making machine does not need to be sintered and can be delivered out of the factory after a short time of air drying. It is investment is little, effective quick, it is the hot industry that a lot of investors invest.

1. Hot sale brick making machine made in China design is reasonable, the use of automatic pick-up plate system, feed material distribution, forced distribution system, pressure head synchronization and mold frame synchronization system, can automatically cycle production, production efficiency is high, brick quantity is large, product quality is stable.

2. The concrete brick machine, electricity, hydraulic linkage, PLC control, program interlock self-protection, safe and reliable operation, the main console computer interface operation (Chinese/English menu, LCD touch screen), can achieve the machine parameter setting, random signal collection, fault diagnosis analysis, the machine will be adjusted to the best working state. Remote monitoring, fault query and system upgrade can also be realized through remote communication.

3. The use of hydraulic motor vibration, reasonable structure, reliable use, high vibration efficiency, organic combination of pressure and vibration, good product density.

Low price concrete block making machine stock press station, also known as hydraulic pump station, is a hydraulic device, it according to the drive device (main engine) requirements of oil supply, and control the direction of oil flow, pressure and flow, it is suitable for the main engine and hydraulic device can be separated under a variety of hydraulic machinery. A thermometer is installed in the hydraulic station to detect the oil temperature of the hydraulic system. The fully automatic concrete block making machine body adopts the super large strong section steel and the special welding technology manufacture, the rigidity is good, the anti-vibration, the service life is long. Ding trowel professional engaged in free - burning brick machine, hydraulic brick machine.

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How To Choose Concrete Block Making Machine

A lot of customers buy the concrete brick machine is out of the confused state, because the concrete brick machine manufacturers are too many, how can we choose the quality products from many manufacturers?

In fact, the professional aspects of the concrete brick machine is not very much, as long as the customer master some small skills is not very troublesome, here we simply introduce:

1. Look at the thickness, this can be clearly seen with the naked eye, the thickness of the steel plate is directly related to the life of the equipment, we have customers with a ruler to measure.

2. Look at the structure, rotor shaft, hammer head and thickness of lining board in the equipment without assembly, because these parts are inside low price concrete block making machine stock, only look at the finished assembly, can you see the quality.

3. See the details, this is more general, you can see the welding, you can see the paint, and so on, as long as the customer left a heart to be able to observe.

4. The most important to see the test machine, the customer do not go to the prototype of the concrete brick machine above the test machine, because the prototype is sure to be adjusted more comfortable, to test the machine, just try to produce the equipment, so that can see the quality.

Notes For Operation Of Brick Making Machine

1. The use of hydraulic system needs to reach the rated pressure, must be higher than the rated pressure but not too high, too low pressure is easy to cause product quality decline, too high pressure is easy to cause wear on the concrete brick machine.

2. Clean the oil filter regularly and check the oil quantity of the oil tank at any time

3. The mixing mixture of concrete brick machine should not contain large particles of metal, hard bone and other hard materials, which is easy to damage the brick machine equipment.

4. When the fully automatic concrete block making machine is being inspected and repaired, the brick machine can be cut off with the power supply, and live maintenance is strictly prohibited. The material in the hopper needs to be used as it is easy to condensate into plates, so it cannot be placed for a long time.

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During the operation of the concrete brick machine, there should be no materials or other things on the pallet. If there are other materials, it should be cleaned in time. Otherwise, the downlink of the mold frame is not in place. Connect brick board to want clear and clean the material block that bond above. The time of shock and pressure should be strictly controlled. When the concrete brick machine is running, the working procedure should be checked to see whether there is any screw looseness or damage to parts. In case of any accident, any operation should be stopped and the power supply should be cut off as soon as possible.

Maintenance Tips Of Brick Making Machine

1. Every time when hot sale brick making machine made in China is produced, if you don't want to do the preliminary inspection, you should idle the equipment for 2-5 minutes after starting it up, and then put it into production without any abnormal conditions. If any problems are found, you should stop the machine in time to prevent the production from being affected by faults.

2. For newly installed equipment, after one week of equipment production, it is necessary to filter all the oil lines once and clean the oil tank, and then replace the oil once every 3-6 months and clean the oil tank according to the working load of the concrete brick machine. In the production of equipment, it is strictly prohibited to repair the equipment directly because of any fault, even if it is to push the material is not, must be shut down for processing, and if the equipment heating system must not open the oil tank cover, must be shut down for inspection.

3. When the equipment is in production, be sure to adjust the control parts, and check each connected part, it is best to carry out professional production after the test. Cheap concrete block making machine is all metal parts, so must pay attention to the preservation, avoid the open air, to do rain, sun and anti-freezing measures, to ensure the production of equipment.

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