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Block Making Machine



Hydraulic Brick Machine Daily Work

Preparatory work before driving: Check and clean the surface of the concrete brick machine's rotary table, the mold hole and the debris on each moving part. Enough lubricating oil must be added to each lubrication point.



What To Do If Mold Box of Brick Machine Is Deformed

What to do if the mold box of cement brick machine is deformed? Three methods are brilliant! Cement brick machine mold is an important part of cement brick machine, and it is also the part with the fastest loss.



Hydraulic Pumps Usage In Brick Making Machines' Production Precautions

If the hydraulic press is the power of automatic interlocking brick machine, then the hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system.



Brick Making Machine - Matters Needing Attention

Strictly abide by the safety production operation regulations, and the power supply must be cut off when not working or for maintenance. The brick making machine is operating.



Operation Details In Production Of Brick Machine

Be sure to carefully adjust the gap between automatic brick making machine.



How To Control Oil Temperature Of Automatic Hollow Brick Machine

automatic hollow brick machine increases the engine speed with the medium speed throttle, and the control handle makes any one of the working devices move to Extremely, keep the hydraulic oil for 3-5 minutes to heat up through the overflow.
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