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Block Making Machine

Interlocking Brick Machine

Model: QT series

Molding cycle: 15-20S

Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr

Power: 20-48kw

Advantage Of Interlock Brick Machine

High quality interlocking brick machine for sale is the new energy-saving building materials equipment that just appears in recent years, interlock brick machine is put into use on the market after, public praise is very good, market sale also is big, so what are the advantages of interlock brick machine, suit to use on those buildings.

First of all, the interlocking brick machine is made by the use of cement brick machine equipment, the interlocking brick machine generally has a variety of raw materials, such as stone powder, river sand, add cement from the press.

Interlocking brick machine is the advantages of high strength, heat preservation and heat insulation performance is good, and good sound insulation effect, low price interlocking brick machine is suitable for making framework structure of padding, construction in the countryside is also suitable for masonry walls, interlocking brick machine price is lower, compared to the same architecture using interlocking brick machine and clay brick interlocking brick can effectively reduce the construction cost. So interlock brick machine in the market after the use of a good reputation, and a broad market.

price of block making machine in nigeria

Interlock Brick Machine Raw Materials

Raw materials needed for the production of discount interlocking brick machine: this machine is an environmental protection product, using waste materials, waste rock powder, waste slag, fly ash, waste ceramsite slag, smelting slag, construction waste materials to produce pavement bricks, tiles, etc., play a role of waste utilization. It is based on China's national conditions, summed up the practical experience of production and use, at the same time, absorbing the advantages of the same type of machine at home and abroad, developed an intelligent new high-tech chain brick machine products.

Output Of Interlock Brick Machine

The friend that has customized interlocking brick machine for sale, how can assure the output of equipment of chain brick machine and produce a product quality, efficiency?

A. It is the most important to choose professional, reliable and reputable chain brick manufacturers. According to their own requirements for the production of kerbstone, they should choose appropriate models.

B. The chain brick machine equipment to adhere to the regular lubrication, cleaning and other work, so as to ensure the production of kerb stone products smooth, clean, beautiful.

C. Regular maintenance and inspection should be carried out by professional personnel. In case of any undesirable phenomena such as vibration and noise, treatment should be carried out as early as possible.

D. The layout of the whole chain brick machine (customized interlocking brick machine) production line should be reasonable, so as not to affect the production of kerb.

types of block making machine

Tips For Interlocking Brick Machine

The discount interlocking brick machine is hydraulic in power, so the overall pressure is very strong and the efficiency is very high in the specific work process.

The low price interlocking brick machine adopts a silent mode in the specific work process, so that the device will not generate any noise during the actual work process. So from the overall production process it is very quiet, which is also a very environmentally friendly part. In particular, this kind of equipment does not require specific ground, so there are no harsh requirements in terms of production environment, so that production can also enter a better state.

In this way, people can better grasp the interlocking brick machine, and the overall output is also very high, especially the quality of the product is also recognized. It can also be noticed from the maintenance of the equipment that the specific pallet does not require any maintenance, and the other parts that require maintenance are also very short in terms of curing time, so most of the time can be put into working condition, so the whole Work efficiency is very high.

Therefore, we should be more careful when we know the high quality interlocking brick machine, and we can give the product more perfect attention in each part. It is precisely because the product and other interlocking brick machine work have advantages, so the purchase price is also relatively high, but for large interlocking brick machine manufacturers, the specific profit is also very high.

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