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What is the working principle of the autoclaved fly ash brick production line?

Working principle of autoclaved fly ash brick production line: Under the condition of high temperature and humidity, the constituent materials react with each other to produce a series of hydration products, such as calcium silicate hydrate, calcium alumi



Autoclaved Technology of Fly Ash Brick Production Line

The adobes made by the brick press machine are placed on the steam-cured trolley, and enter the group to rest for 1.5-2 hours. Vacuumize for 0.5 hours, start the pressure for 1.5 hours, keep the pressure and steam for 4 hours, and release the pressure for



Key Factors Affecting the Compactness of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Machine

In the construction process of the autoclaved lime-sand brick machine, the performance index that is concerned in the design and construction is the density besides the strength. The apparent density of the autoclaved lime-sand brick machine is not only r



Automatic hydraulic brick machine realizes resource reuse

Looking at the situation this year, the country is vigorously advocating environmental protection, and the prohibition work will be carried out more strictly. Using the automatic hydraulic brick machine without noise, the brick factory can be built near t



Anti-cracking Measures for Construction of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Machine Equipment

Like we usually use clay bricks to build a house at home, there are often cracks on the roof of the flat house, causing water leakage, and even water seepage into the house. Using the bricks produced by the autoclaved lime-sand brick machine equipment, an



What effect does the high temperature of hydraulic oil have on the automatic brick press

The high temperature causes the chemical decomposition of the lubricating film formed on the metal surface of the friction part, and the lubricating film is destroyed.The high temperature makes the viscosity of the hydraulic oil smaller, the viscosity is
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