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Block Making Machine



brick machine equipment

Application range of brick making machine: The main raw materials are fly ash, tailings sand, slag, tailings slag, stone powder and other waste residues. We will help you make a reasonable brick making solution based on your needs. Welcome to consult the



Fly ash brick machine equipment

The fly ash brick machine equipment produced in Henan can tailor-made fly ash brick production line equipment according to customer needs.



Autoclaved Lime Sand Brick Equipment

Introduction to the production process of autoclaved lime-sand brick equipment: crushing, batching-digestion-pressing molding steam curing process, we will help you design a reasonable investment plan for building a brick factory based on your actual situ



Steam-cured fly ash brick equipment

Welcome to inquire about the price of autoclaved fly ash brick equipment. We will help you design a reasonable plan for investing in a brick factory based on your actual situation. We are responsible for guiding raw material formula, site planning, instal



500T hydraulic brick machine

The 500T hydraulic brick machine adopts PLC automatic control and touch screen operation interface, which is easy to operate and has low labor intensity, thus greatly increasing the output of brick making.



630T hydraulic brick machine

The main raw materials are fly ash, lime sand, tailings, slag, sludge, water slag, shale, lime, calcium carbide mud, etc. The fully automatic hydraulic brick machine developed by the company can combine the actual needs of customers, and select economical
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