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Block Brick Machine Production Water Addition

Traditional brick making has great pollution to the environment, and the non-burning cement brick machine has dealt with this question. At present, the capital of the raw material of the block brick machine is very small.There is basically no pollution in the production process.In the future, if the equipment can be carried out in the long run, it is necessary to save capital and protect the environment. There is an excellent grasp of continued development.

Which brand of non-burning brick machine wants to stay in the mall for a long time, employees must persevere in learning, in practice, continue to enrich the common knowledge of non-burning brick machine, do all the work of block brick machine. It is also very difficult to control the amount of water added by the non-fired brick machine. The customer is blind, how much water does it take to reach the optimal configuration? How to produce a non-dispersible, high-strength cement brick, the proportion of water added is Contrast the main. Assuming that more water is added, the raw materials are stuck inside the mold of the non-fired brick machine, and the mold cannot be removed. Assuming that less water is added, the raw materials are not formed.

block brick machine

How much water to participate in when the non-fired cement brick machine is produced

The automatic block brick machine can use a water pump. Since the flow rate of the water pump is fixed, a time relay can be set to control the opening time of the water pump to control the flow rate. Assuming that the raw materials have the same dry and wet levels, only need to be set. The moisture content of each mixing is fixed.

Under normal conditions, during the production process of the non-fired brick machine, the most suitable content for the moisture content of the raw material is controlled at about 10% (500kg of raw material, plus 50kg of water). Within this moisture range, after mixing by the mixer, the cement talent and the raw material are fully mixed , Assuming that the raw material is held tightly in the palm of your hand, and there is moisture in your palm, it means that the moisture content is too high, and the demand will increase the raw material. .

When the block brick machine is produced, adding 10% water is not static. Some raw materials are very wet, you need to add less water, and some raw materials are very dry, you may need to add water to 20%, according to the dry and wet conditions of your raw materials, participate in appropriate Water.

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