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Block Making Machine

Block Machine Hydraulic System Troubleshooting Method

Block machine in kenya hydraulic system failure generally divided into several types:

1. The pressure of the block machine cannot be adjusted

Elimination method: oil leakage into the pipeline or overflow valve stuck, clean diesel cleaning is good.

2. Check whether the oil quantity reaches the oil standard, and replace the hydraulic oil regularly.

block machine in kenya

3. The big noise of block machine oil pump is related to the climate and some viscosity.

4. Block machine kenya die head, die box, cloth cart, feeding machine does not work alone or not work at all.

When not working alone, check whether the plug indicator light of the overflow valve is on or not. If it is not on, check whether the solenoid valve is magnetic.

Elimination method: for example, if the die head does not work, turn on the power, select manual first, and then operate the die head, the indicator light on the die head electric overflow valve should be on at this time, if it is on, the electric overflow valve is stuck, the treatment method is the same as the overflow valve cleaning method.

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