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Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Forming Making Machine

concrete block forming making machine

Concrete block forming making machine is a kind of equipment that is widely used. It is a cement molding equipment connected by hydraulic pressure and vibration. Compared with other cement brick-making machines, this cement brick-making machine not only has secondary distributing equipment, but also can produce a variety of non-burning brick products. In addition, it has the following characteristics.

1. Because the main equipment of the concrete block making machine is reasonable, the service life is greatly extended, and continuous operation can ensure that no oil leaks or burns the motor.

concrete block

2. The cloth system is convenient to set up, without the trouble of replacement, and the uneven cloth is handled, ensuring the production quality of the precast concrete block making machine.

3. The general communication contactor is selected for the motor control to complete the electrical control, making the circuit simple and self-maintaining.

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