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How to Control the Moisture of Brick Raw Materials in Hydraulic Brick Breaking Mechanism

How to control the moisture content of brick raw materials in hydraulic brick breaking mechanism:

When using a hydraulic brick maker to produce unburned bricks, it is very difficult to control the amount of water added to the brick machine in the ratio of raw materials. Many people don't know. Next, let's understand how much water should be added to the hydraulic brick maker in the ratio. as well.

Under normal circumstances, during the production of bricks by hydraulic brick making machine, the moisture content of raw materials is controlled at about 10%. All raw materials are within this moisture range. After stirring with a mixer, the cement and raw materials are fully mixed. Suppose you hold it tightly with your hands. Raw materials, if there is moisture in the palm, it means that the moisture content is too high, and more raw materials need to be added. If the raw materials are packed into a ball after being held tightly, and there is no moisture in the palm, it can be produced just right.

With the continuous development of industrial technology and the increasingly loud and clear low-carbon and environmental protection slogans, the development of new environmentally friendly building materials has become a central task, and new requirements have been put forward for energy-saving buildings. The market has more and more requirements for energy-saving, consumption-reducing, and environmental protection goals for building materials. Higher, energy-saving building materials adapt to the development of energy-saving and environmental protection situations, and become a hot commodity. Next, let's understand the waste utilization of hydraulic brick breakers.

The hydraulic brick making machine not only solves the problem of a large amount of construction waste accumulation, but the superiority of the hydraulic brick making machine has been widely recognized by the design and construction departments after being used and inspected in construction. At that time, various multifunctional brick machines gradually entered various fields. In the case of the company, it is necessary for everyone to further improve the application status and development of domestic hydraulic brick machines. Industrial hydraulic brick machines mainly use hydraulic transmission, which has the characteristics of high automation, low noise, long service life, convenient operation, and compact structure. .

How to Control the Moisture of Brick Raw Materials in Hydraulic Brick Breaking Mechanism

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