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Interlocking Brick Machine In Nepal

The main machine of the interlocking brick machine in Nepal is based on the requirements of compact molding machines with different specific gravity materials and the advantages of foreign advanced brick molding machines. It is re-developed and designed by itself. It better adapts to the molding requirements of light materials such as fly ash. Similar foreign models have stronger shock and vibration force. In view of the complex situation of fly ash and industrial waste slag everywhere, the non-burning brick machine designs and formulates targeted raw material pretreatment specifications and technologies in the production line.

interlocking brick machine in Nepal

The non-burning brick machine adopts automatic ingredients, so that the performance and quality of the brick are fully guaranteed. By changing the mold, brick products of various shapes and specifications can be produced, and the non-burning brick machine achieves one-time molding, and no secondary pollution occurs during the production process. The cement brick machine uses construction waste as raw materials to produce non-burning bricks, thereby realizing waste utilization, which is what is needed to take the road of sustainable development. With the acceleration of the process of urbanization and the continuous expansion of the scale of the city, the pressure brought by the sharp increase in construction waste is also increasing day by day.

non-burning brick machine

The emergence of interlocking brick machines solves this urgent need. These construction wastes are crushed by crushers and used as raw materials for the production of non-burning bricks. The non-burning bricks produced are generous in appearance, heat-resistant, sound-proof, light-weight and shock-resistant. It not only solves the problem of waste of land resources, but also solves the problem of accumulation of construction waste, and it is in line with the development concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

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