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Block Making Machine

Introduction of block making machine


Introduction of block making machine

The block making machine produced by this block making machine can be processed into various new wall materials from industrial wastes such as sand, stone, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, tailings slag, ceramsite, and perlite. Such as hollow cement blocks, blind-hole bricks, standard bricks, etc., do not need to be sintered.

The block making machine is a model developed by drawing on the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, aiming at the development of load-bearing blocks, the characteristics of porous brick products and fly ash products, and considering the production and maintenance conditions.



◎ One machine can produce more than 10 kinds of non-burning bricks of different specifications, such as hollow blocks, porous bricks, standard bricks, etc. Safe and stable operation and easy maintenance.

◎ 26 standard bricks are produced every 25 seconds, 3744 bricks per hour; 12 porous bricks are produced every 25 seconds, 1728 bricks per hour; 4 standard blocks are produced every 25 seconds, 576 bricks per hour.

◎ The core components are precisely manufactured, and the anti-fatigue design is adopted to prolong the service life of the host.

◎ Strong excitation force, the strength can reach 2.5~15MPa under the condition of common mixing ratio.

◎ The double-rod guiding method and the well-matched super-long guide sleeve ensure the precise operation of the indenter and the mold. The base and key parts are integrally cast, and the outer frame is made of thick-walled super-strength steel and special welding technology.

Technical Features

The overall structure of this machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, and the rotating part adopts mechanized device, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Up and down pressure, directional vibration, variable frequency braking, to achieve high-density, high-strength molding effect. One machine has multiple functions, and it can produce block products of different shapes and specifications with different molds. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the failure is not easy to ensure the normal production operation.

(1) The block machine is fixed, vibrating, and mechanical demoulding. This model is advanced and reasonable in design and has a wide range of applications. It adopts a reducer, a brake magnet, and a curved arm to surround the demoulding.

(2) 4 uprights are used, the positioning is accurate, the mold is balanced and stable, the compactness of the block is improved, the block burr is small, and the appearance is good.

(3) The mold replacement is convenient, simple and easy to maintain.

The above is the large and medium-sized automatic block making machine equipment, and there are also small block making machines. Generally speaking, this equipment is defined according to the size of the daily output. The daily output of standard bricks is about 10,000. They are called small. Because the overall design of this device is relatively simple, it is more convenient for users to operate. Large block making machines generally use hydraulic and vibration molding, while small block making machines generally use vibration molding, but the quality of products produced by small equipment is not inferior to large equipment.


Mechanical classification

hydraulic block

The hydraulic block forming machine includes an upper template with a compaction mechanism on the upper part and a lower template with a demoulding mechanism on the lower part, the compaction mechanism is equipped with a double crank booster mechanism, and the demoulding mechanism is equipped with an ultrasonic vibrator and an electromagnetic Vibrator; the utility model adopts electromagnetic and ultrasonic double vibration mechanism, which has good vibration effect, low working noise and small mechanical loss, and adopts double crank supercharging device at the same time, which not only has good compaction effect, but also has low energy consumption and block strength. high. The main equipment of the block making machine production line includes the hollow block machine, the so-called block making machine (or hollow block machine, block machine, cement block machine), as well as the pallet machine, mixer and conveyor supporting the hollow block machine. transport equipment, etc.

cement block

The operating system of the cement block forming machine adopts programmable controller PLC and human-machine interface touch screen control, and is equipped with data input device, safety logic control, and fault diagnosis system, which can realize ideal man-machine dialogue. Perform manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes of operation. The parameters of each actuator can be arbitrarily set. The quality and efficiency of the product can be guaranteed.

Designed with heavy-duty construction. Manufactured by special welding technology using high-strength steel. It can ensure that the body has good rigidity, self-weight, and does not resonate with the excitation system. It can prolong the service life of the machine.

Material storage and distribution device: It adopts closed belt conveying, and strictly controls the semi-storage volume of small materials, so that it can be used at any time, so as to prevent the concrete from liquefying in advance due to the influence of aftershocks, and ensure the strength of the product.

Unique vibration form: use the computer to control the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system to complete vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking; the advanced form of compression and vibration of the table mold makes the concrete fully liquefy and exhaust within 2-3 seconds. Utilize excess oil when pressurized and convert it into shock force, thereby basically eliminating energy consumption.

Reasonable vibration distribution: The mold box is locked on the vibrating table by the stripping oil cylinder, and the mold table vibrates together; a special vibrator is installed on the indenter to increase the effect of the vibration speed. This vibration form makes the concrete quickly liquefy, exhaust, and make the product reach high density and high strength. A variety of waste ash, waste slag, slag, slag, coal ore, volcanic ash, coal ash, stone chips, and construction waste can be used in a large proportion to produce various high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing products.

The unique blanking and arch breaking device enables the material to be fed into the mold box quickly and evenly, the special double-ended synthetic output vibration technology, and the reasonable vibrator arrangement make the exciting force evenly distributed in the vibrating table, thereby ensuring the weight and strength of the product consistency.

The cement block forming machine adopts the technology of electromechanical and hydraulic integration and high-quality electrical and hydraulic components, so that each cycle process of the equipment operation is accurate and consistent, and the comprehensive performance is stable and reliable. The product size is accurate, the quality is stable, and the efficiency is improved.

Fully automatic block

The automatic block forming machine can process industrial waste such as tailings slag, ceramsite, perlite (urban construction waste), sand, stone, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue into various new wall materials, such as hollow cement bricks. Blocks, pore bricks, standard bricks, etc., do not need to be sintered. The automatic block making machine is a new type of equipment designed and produced by combining advanced technology at home and abroad and by engineers with years of research and production experience.


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