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Model Vibration And Table Vibration Of Brick Machine

How to choose a suitable brick machine? It is necessary to understand the difference between concrete hollow block making machine mold vibration and table vibration. The rapid development of modern economy has diversified the market for the development of block machines. However, due to the current competitive pressure, if the block machine is to be based on a dominant position, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the degree of mechanical operation and production capacity.

concrete hollow block making machine

The operation mode of cement brick making machine is realized by vibration, and the different vibration source methods make the characteristics and usability of the produced bricks different. Block machines are usually formed by platform vibration or mold vibration. Relatively speaking, they are produced by vertical vibration. Different methods produce different bricks. According to the vibration test, the vibration method of platform vibration is used. The upper and lower density of the blocks are quite different, and the resulting block strength dispersion is smaller. The vibration time of the mold vibration is short, the density of the block is high, and the vibration speed is fast.

Through the analysis of two different methods, concrete block paver machine is more suitable for the production of light-filled blocks, and the mold vibration is more suitable for the production of load-bearing blocks. Users can choose and use according to their actual situation.

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