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Production process of autoclaved lime-sand brick equipment

Production process, autoclaved lime-sand bricks (hereinafter referred to as lime-sand bricks) are ordinary lime-sand bricks made of sand and lime as the main raw materials, pigments and admixtures are allowed, prepared from blanks, pressed into shape, and cured by high-pressure steam

①Sand and lime are the main raw materials for the production of lime-sand bricks. Sand can be used for river sand, sea sand, aeolian sand, sedimentary sand, and tailings sand from a concentrator, etc. According to different types of sand and characteristics of mines, different methods are adopted for processing Mining, lime production mainly adopts calcination method. ②Before preparing the mixture, the mix ratio must be designed. The mix ratio design is to find the critical point of technical and economic optimization. When designing the mix ratio, the original conditions to be considered are: raw material properties (mineral and particle composition of sand, chemical composition of lime, active calcium oxide in lime) content, hydration speed and temperature, etc.), the quality requirements and pressing and curing conditions of the product. The preparation of the mixture includes the digestion of lime, the measurement and stirring of the mixture, the digestion of the mixture, and the treatment of the digested mixture. ③Forming is one of the important links in the production process of lime-sand bricks, including four production processes: feeding → pressurizing → blanking → taking blanks and stacking blanks.

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