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How To Control Oil Temperature Of Automatic Hollow Brick Machine

automatic hollow brick machine

When the oil temperature is under control, we need to warm up the engine, start the engine, and after idling for 3-5 minutes, the automatic hollow brick machine increases the engine speed with the medium speed throttle, and the control handle makes any one of the working devices move to Extremely, keep the hydraulic oil for 3-5 minutes to heat up through the overflow.

If the oil temperature is too low, you need to appropriately increase the warm-up operation time. When the temperature of the automatic hollow brick machine exceeds the standard, pay attention to the radiator heat sink not to be contaminated by oil to prevent Dust adhesion affects the heat dissipation effect. The automatic brick machine maintains enough oil to facilitate the heat dissipation of the oily sturgeon ring. Do not work all day in the hot summer, and avoid high-temperature production at noon.

automatic brick making machine

The oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the automatic hollow brick machine should be between 30-80 degrees under normal circumstances. If the temperature of the brick machine is too low, the oil viscosity is large, the fluidity is poor, the resistance is large, and the work efficiency is low. If the oil temperature is low At 20 degrees, the hydraulic motors, valves, pipes, etc. are easily damaged in sharp turns. If the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the automatic brick making machine is too high, it will cause the viscosity of the hydraulic oil to decrease, which will easily cause leakage, decrease in efficiency, and reduce the strength of the smooth oil film. Oxidation accelerates oil deterioration, oil seals, and high-pressure hoses become prematurely.

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