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Engine Oil For Vibration Box Of Brick Machine

The weather is getting cold, the oil in the vibration box of the concrete brick machine should be changed! The weather is getting colder day by day, and many non-burning brick factories have stopped production, especially in some places around minus 20 degrees, but some brick factories are still operating normally when they have just become cold. Here, as a brick machine manufacturer specializing in the production of brick machines, a reminder to the brick factory owner who is producing bricks: The weather is getting cold, if you want to continue production, it is best to change the oil in the vibration box of the cement brick machine to No. 30 oil.

concrete brick machine

High temperature, extreme cold, and dusty environments can easily accelerate the deterioration of the engine oil in the vibration box of the brick machine. Generally, it is recommended to replace it within three months. Continue the oil and change it once every three months. Put the cleaned oil in a container that can be stored for precipitation, which can be used for the usual oiling of machine parts to promote better lubrication performance. Change the oil in the vibrating box of the concrete brick machine, and change the oil below No. 30 to reduce the viscosity of the oil. When changing the oil, first clean the vibrating box with diesel oil, and then change to No. 30 oil to avoid this phenomenon as much as possible.

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