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Brick Machine Surface Is Not Smooth

The hollow block machine for sale can be seen everywhere and has made a contribution to the brick factory. The finished brick produced by the hydraulic brick machine can be used in the construction industry. The construction industry has high requirements for the quality of bricks. If the surface of the brick is not flat, the quality cannot be achieved, which is a substandard product. For the brick factory, this is a loss. So, what is the cause of this problem?

hollow block machine for sale

The surface of the finished product of concrete block machine for sale is uneven. The common reasons are as follows:

1. The vibration box has low voltage and low speed.

2. Some parts of the mold are loose.

3. The raw material particles are too large or the cloth is uneven.

4. The mold is deformed or worn, and the surface is not flat.

5. If the rag teeth in the rag cart are damaged or dropped, please repair the cloth teeth in time.

6. The hopper should be as far away as possible from the top to ensure that the material in the hopper is transported to the front of the mold box of concrete block machines.

7. When retracting the trolley, the retracting trolley will retract to its original position to ensure that the raw materials of the small hopper can completely enter the retracting trolley.

concrete block machine for sale

8. The mixed materials should be stored in a cloth box (the ratio of the mixture should be strictly in accordance with the normal ratio).

The reason why hydraulic brick machine equipment is so popular is that it has many advantages. First of all, the brick making machine equipment is very simple in operation and application, and the user can control the operation method of the equipment in a relatively short time. In this way, the company does not need to spend a lot of money to stop personnel training, and can operate in a short time, which can greatly shorten the training time.

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