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Causes Of Failure Of Brick Making Machine

As a widely used production equipment, qt6-15 block making machine is suitable for the production of various bricks. It not only has the characteristics of energy saving, but the materials used in production are also some waste, which helps to reuse resources. The advantages of the cement brick machine are obvious, but it is mechanical, and like all other production equipment, it will wear out, malfunction, and further affect production. This requires monitoring the failure of the cement brick machine during production and use. The following is a brief introduction to the three methods of monitoring the failure of cement brick machines.

road brick moulding machine

One is through human sensory testing. This is a simple, economical and commonly used method. It relies more on production and use experience and requires workers to use methods such as observation, smell, hearing, and touch to detect whether the machine is abnormal. Such as whether there are cracks, whether the temperature is too high, whether there is a peculiar smell, this is a direct detection method, but the detection data cannot be accurately predicted and advanced.

The second is to detect the temperature of the cement brick machine in real time. The high temperature of the production machine is a performance after the production of high-load machinery. The increase in temperature will have a serious impact on the cement brick machine. In production, liquid expansion sensors, Can the temperature of the cement machine be accurately measured with the help of tools for real-time monitoring of bimetallic sensors and resistance thermometers?

qt6-15 block making machine

3. Detect the operation of cement brick making machine through lubricating oil. Because the lubricating oil can circulate in the cement brick making machine, it takes a long time to form sediment and particulate matter. By sampling and testing the particles in the lubricating oil, the internal conditions of the cement brick making machine can be understood.

These are three methods to detect the operation of the cement brick machine. Through learning, understanding and application, it is possible to predict the operation of the cement brick machine in advance and promote the smooth progress of production. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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