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How To Pressurize Brick Moulding Machine

The brick moulding machine is mainly divided into several pressure methods when it is pressurized. Customers can choose the equipment they need according to their needs.

There are two main pressing methods: single-sided pressing and double-sided pressing. Among them, the single-sided pressure adopts one-time impact pressure, and the bricks are pressed into shape at one time. The double-sided pressing adopts segmented pressing, and the pressing process is mainly divided into three stages: pre-pressing, forming pressing, and holding pressure. This is also the pressing process commonly used in double-sided pressing brick machines. The preload is lighter, the forming pressure is heavier, and the holding pressure is what we call double-sided simultaneous pressure.

brick moulding machines

Compared with the single-sided pressurizing pressure of only six to eight pascals, the double-sided pressurized brick machine has a limit forming pressure of ten to twelve pascals. From this, you can also understand that the pressure of the double-sided pressurized brick machine is relatively large. For the bricks, the pressure is high, which is likely to be that the density of the bricks is higher and the quality of the bricks is higher.

Brick moulding machine adopts the double-sided pressurization method. This type of brick machine is relatively more expensive than the single-sided pressurized brick machine, but the product quality is high and the product is sold well. Users can choose the equipment they need at their discretion.

Brick moulding machines can be palletized at any time, reducing the investment of pallet. It adopts closed belt conveying and strictly controls the storage capacity of the small hopper, so that it can be used as soon as it is sent to prevent the concrete from liquefying in advance due to aftershocks and ensure the strength of the product.

brick moulding machine

Reasonable vibration distribution: the mold box is locked on the vibrating table through the demolding oil cylinder, and a special vibrator is installed on the pressure head to realize the vibration of the table mold to enhance the vibration effect. This kind of vibration makes the concrete liquefy and exhaust quickly, so that the product can reach high density and high strength.

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