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Deformation Of Brick Machine Mould Box Is Solved

Every year thousands of brick making machines, large and small, leave the factory, and there are countless people who require to order the moulds of cement brick machines. Customers should know something about the moulds. As the punch of the standard brick mold is not easy to change, the hollow brick mold box is not the same. Deformation may occur in production. What should I do once deformation occurs? Yi Ran teaches you some basic common sense.

brick making machine

1. If it is slightly deformed, just tap it with a hammer and knock it back to its original shape. Be careful not to tap it with strong force or small force.

2. If the mould deformation of the brick making machine is very serious, it is easier to knock it back to its original position by cutting it with air, heating it, and then tapping it lightly with a hammer head.

3. If the original package cannot be knocked back, let the welder make a punch directly, measure the size and re-weld it according to the original mark.

There is nothing wrong with the brick making machine mould box. The problem is the above one. If there is such a problem, you can solve it by following the above requirements.

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