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Reasons for Different Densities of Brick Produced by Brick Machine

The production process of cement bricks is basically the same, all of which are processed by block making machine. However, users and friends from other manufacturers often call to inquire about the high density of block making machines processed by their company. In some places, the density is lower and the height difference is larger, which seriously affects the quality of the blocks and leads to the inability to sell them. In fact, there are several reasons for this problem.

block making machine

1. Mould: In order to save money, brick factories went out to buy cheap moulds themselves, but the quality was not good enough, resulting in uneven corners of the blocks; Or use for a long time and never maintain the mold, causing problems.

2. Installation problem: improper installation of the mold of block making machine, the mold will be stuck or the level of the press head mold frame will not be adjusted properly during demolding, and there will be difference in height and mold sticking during demolding.

3. Raw material problem: The dry humidity or proportion of the mixed concrete is not appropriate, the raw material particles are too large to meet the requirements, and the mixing is not uniform.

4. Parameter problem: Adjust the parameters or adjust the brick making machine to make the equipment cloth more uniform and the brick height consistent.

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