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Precautions for Automatic Brick Making Machine

Matters needing attention in using full-automatic cement brick machine:

1. Regular product maintenance is required. The maintenance of automatic brick making machine includes two aspects. The first aspect is that when installing or replacing the new and old molds, it is necessary to fully combine each component. At present, raw materials will not be omitted from these gaps during production, thus avoiding waste of raw materials. Of course, when installing the automatic brick making machine, make sure that every screw can be fixed on the machine to prevent the screw from splashing out and hurting the workers when the machine is running.

automatic brick making machine

The second aspect is to regularly check the mold of the automatic brick machine and the integrity of the machine equipment, because these equipment will often mix and process some relatively hard residues for production, so it is likely to cause certain damage to the machine body over time, so regular inspection will avoid some accidents.

2. Daily maintenance should be carried out on the automatic brick making machine, so that some protective oil can be added to the places where the machine often rotates, especially between the belt and the motor. If some lubricating oil is often rubbed, the machine can reduce friction and run faster, thus effectively improving the operation efficiency of the automatic brick machine.

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