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Brick Machine - The Solution of Drum Slip

There are many kinds of qt12-15 cement brick making machines. In the refractory clay industry, the following two kinds of cement brick making machines are generally used for drying massive clay.

The first type of cement brick making machine consists of a rotating drum, a combustion chamber and a cyclone dust collector. The second kind of cement brick making equipment consists of a rotating drum, a dust chamber and a combustion chamber with flue gas circulation equipment.

The rotary drum of the cement brick making machine riveted or welded is made of boiler steel plate with a thickness of 10-15mm. The outside of the cylinder is covered with a layer of thermal insulation material (made of asbestos, slag wool, etc.), and a metal protective shell is added outside. The drum forms an angle of 4.0-6.0 with the horizontal line. Two steel cylinder rings are fixed on the rotating cylinder, and the rotating cylinder of the cement brick making machine is supported on two pairs of supporting wheels by the two cylinder rings, and the supporting wheels are mounted on bearings with bronze bushings.

qt12-15 cement brick making machines

Considering the thermal elongation of the drum, it can be controlled by the supporting wheel at the lower end of the drum. In some cement brick making machines, the lower bearing shaft has an angle of 8 degrees with the drum bearing, thus generating an axial force in the axial direction of the drum to prevent the drum from sliding to the lower end. A vertical control roll is arranged on a support at the upper end of the rotating drum.

The angle between the supporting axles is related to the tilt angle of the drum and its weight. The size of this angle is determined by the position of the control roller. In order to prevent the drum from sliding down, some vertical blocking wheels are installed in other cement brick making equipment.

With the continuous development of the new generation of high technology in all walks of life, the cement brick making machine industry has also developed rapidly and its application scope is very wide. At present, the cement brick making machine industry has entered a stage of steady development, with new technologies and new products appearing continuously. Some professionals point out that if an enterprise wants to develop, it needs to have a sense of continuous innovation and motivation so as to have a foothold in the industry. The products are updated very quickly, and only when they meet people's different needs can there be such a big market. I hope the cement brick making machine industry will do the same in the future.

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