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Six Tips For Brick Moulding Machine Operation

Six tips for brick moulding machine operation:

1. When the motor work hard, will cause the motor to be burned, the factor is the equipment of the main pressure regulating valve regulating pressure is too large. The main regulating valve shall be reduced until the motor works normally and stops. Make timely adjustment and check the running status of the machine. Brick moulding machine equipment power system mainline power use 25 or more aluminum lines or 16 or more copper lines. When the equipment works normally, the input voltage is: high voltage 380v-410v, low voltage 330v-360v, the machine must have a solid grounding brick moulding machine.

2. When your vibrator vibration power is insufficient, will appear a brick cycle long or lax brick, and the pressure of the lower die pressure is too large, the pressure of the vibrator, should hold down the vibration of the lower die oil cylinder on the tubing corresponding to the pressure of the separate regulating valve to reduce the pressure.

brick moulding machine

Forming mould, each part of the balance arm and the host to present open welding or damaged, is under pressure die down regulate the factors of too small, because of the mould under pressure not to lock, which causes large impact force the mould and the vibrating table, and then affect the components of a complete set of equipment, pressure regulating valve should be gradually adjusted, to secure the vibrating force of the qt10-15 brick moulding machine.

3. When the brick surface lax, the brick body has a cracking scene, or take off the brick when the mold itself with the mold up, the factor is the pressure on the head is too small: the brick can not be positioned so that the brick surface lax.

4. If the pressure regulating valve of brick moulding machine fails, it is because the pressure spring in the pressure regulating valve is damaged, then the same type of pressure spring should be replaced.

5. If there is oil cylinder oil scene, the factor is the sealing function of the seal in the cylinder block is not good, should replace the corresponding type of sealing accessories in time.

6. Detailed operation of brick moulding machine equipment should carefully read the product specification, before the production of each operator should be a full range of training, until the check qualified stop.

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