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How To Clean Brick Machine Parts

Concrete brick making machine long time to use a lot of parts will accumulate dust, if not cleaned for a long time, dust will pile up more and more lead to the increase of the failure rate of the concrete brick making machine, but also on the parts wear, corrosion, hole erosion, fatigue and other effects, so, concrete brick making machine parts how to correct cleaning?

1. Wash by hand. Remove the parts, put in diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, using gauze or brush cleaning, this method is suitable for small parts in the concrete brick making machine, but simple to operate, and high efficiency.

concrete brick making machine

2. Spray washing. We all know that the structure of some parts of the concrete brick making machine is very complex, the operator manual can not achieve the cleaning effect, this time do not use spray washing method. Spray washing method refers to the use of a certain pressure and temperature of the cleaning fluid injection into the concrete brick making machine to clean the parts, this method of cleaning is relatively clean, almost no dead corner.

3. Boil cleaning. Boiling cleaning method is not the surface of the boiling, it is to clean the parts in the cleaning liquid or prepared solution, heating until the temperature reaches 80~90 degrees Celsius, boiling for 3~5 minutes.

4. Equipment cleaning method. Equipment cleaning refers to the use of cleaning equipment to achieve the cleaning of concrete brick making machine, cleaning equipment work method has two kinds of, ultrasonic and vibration cleaning, this method is a little trouble according to the need for oil dust different properties, choose different cleaning fluid.

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