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Brick Making Machine Function

Brick machine function and configuration

1. The electrical control system of the whole machine adopts PLC system, hot sale brick making machine made in China and computer interface operation, which can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, and guarantee the working effect of the machine.

2. Discharging and distributing device: the closed belt conveyor is adopted to strictly control the quantity of material stored in the small hopper, so as to ensure that the concrete is delivered and used as it goes, so as to prevent the concrete from liquefaction in advance due to the influence of residual vibration, so as to ensure the smooth molding of products and product quality.

3. The brick making machine adopts multi-bar guiding method and super wear-resisting material to ensure the accurate movement of the mold and press head.

China brick making machine

4. The use of special speed rapid cloth device, so that the forming cloth fast, stable, uniform, in place.

5. Unique vibration mode: brick making machine made in china adopts technology to adjust the motor transmission speed to meet and ensure the different vibration frequencies and amplitudes required by the vibration and compression molding of the main machine in the cloth. Thus improved the quality of brick products, shorten the molding cycle.

6. Reasonable pinch distribution: through the stripper cylinder, the mold is locked on the vibration platform with strong stiffness to achieve synchronous vibration of the same mold and the same mold, so that the amplitude distribution is uniform, and the strength dispersion of the same mold products is small.

7. The brick machine body structure is novel, strong: the body USES high-strength steel, the use of advanced welding technology welding manufacturing, manufacturing quality, equipment durable, solid, good stability, reliable work.

8. One machine with multiple capabilities: it can meet the production requirements of various specifications of concrete blocks, porous bricks, kerb bricks, slope protection bricks, river channel bricks, pavement bricks, square bricks, etc.

9. Brick machine equipment compact structure, stable performance, easy to operate and maintain, small area, less investment, high efficiency, no burning automatic brick making machine price, suitable for large, medium, small building materials enterprises investment.

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