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Is Cement Block Machine Environmentally Friendly

The full-automatic cement blockmaking machine is a multifunctional brick making machine. Its shape design is exquisite, its size is large, and its performance design has many characteristics that are equivalent to or exceed those of international advanced models. Therefore, many people will ask what is the cement block making machine price, is it more expensive than the ordinary brick machine? The answer is no, let's introduce this brick machine.

The integration system of machinery, electricity and liquid adopts high-quality international famous-brand components, which makes the automatic operation of the production line stable and smooth, and is a high-end product replacing imported equipment. The cement brick produced by adopting the special process scheme and optimizing the aggregate dense formula has the characteristics of high water permeability, high strength and the like, and completely meets the quality requirements of cement brick products in the construction of a "sponge city" in China.

cement block making machine price

The new cement brick product has the characteristics of keeping the water permeability and moisture retention of the ground, skid resistance, high strength, cold resistance, weathering resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption and the like. At the same time, it uses slag waste and waste ceramics as raw materials, and is a green, energy-saving and environment-friendly product after being molded twice.

1. The bricks produced by the cement block making machine have good water permeability and air permeability, which can enable rainwater to quickly penetrate into the ground, supplement soil water and groundwater, maintain soil humidity, and improve the living conditions of urban ground plants and soil microorganisms.

2. It can absorb water and heat and adjust the temperature and humidity of the local space on the surface of the earth, which plays a great role in adjusting the urban microclimate and alleviating the urban heat island effect.

3. Can reduce the pressure of urban drainage and flood control, has good effect on preventing pollution of public waters and treating sewage, and prevents accumulated water on roads.

4. The bricks produced by the cement block making machine do not accumulate water after rain and do not slip after snow, which is convenient for citizens to travel safely.

5. The surface is slightly concave and convex, preventing the road surface from reflecting light and absorbing the noise generated when the vehicle is running, thus improving the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

6. Rich in color, natural and simple, economical and practical, with diversified specifications.

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