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Characteristics of Automatic Concrete Brick Machine

China fully automatic concrete block making machine refers to a cement brick machine with a full-automatic manipulator, which uses slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement and the like as raw materials, scientifically mixes the raw materials, adds water and mixes the raw materials, and presses cement bricks, hollow blocks or colored pavement bricks under high pressure through a brick making machine. At present, the full-automatic cement brick machine is more widely used than semi-automatic cement bricks.

1. The full-automatic cement brick machine has a high degree of automation, which realizes the full automation of the working procedures such as cloth distribution, forming, blank discharging, stacking, etc.

2. The main frame of this series of cement brick machines is reasonable and reliable in structure, good in rigidity, high in fatigue resistance and long in service life. It adopts a four-column structure. The upper and lower cross beams are pre-tightened into a closed frame through columns. The four-column guide is compact in structure, good in rigidity, high in precision and reliable and stable in work.

China fully automatic concrete block making machine

3. China fully automatic concrete block making machine has high production efficiency and good process applicability. The hydraulic system design fully takes into account the molding process of fly ash brick, and a large amount of empirical data are collected from the production site as the basis for design calculation, so that the hydraulic system design is reasonable, the pump and the accumulator are fully matched, the hydraulic channel design is reasonable, and an energy recovery circuit is arranged, so that the system is high in efficiency, low in heat generation and high in pressing times;

4. The full-automatic cement brick machine has a large worktable and high production efficiency, with an annual output of 60 million pieces, which has obvious economic benefits.

5. The full-automatic cement brick machine can realize multiple pressurization and exhaust control, so that the air contained in the powder can be smoothly discharged in the pressing process, and the brick blank has high strength and is not easy to generate cracks, low shrinkage rate and high product quality.

6. China fully automatic concrete block making machine mold frame is formed by floating pressing, the brick blank forming process is good, the compactness of the brick blank is greatly improved, and the common damages and cracks of the brick blank during demoulding by other brick making machines are reduced.

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