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Oil Of Brick Machine Needs To Be Changed

The maintenance of cement brick making machine is also affected by the use of engine oil. During production, the speed of vibration of the speed reducer will not cause mistakes in brick molding due to excessive speed. It is very important to make the production of baking-free brick machine equipment more balanced in the role of the speed reducer. Therefore, the maintenance of the reducer is very important at ordinary times, which requires regular oil change. The following points for attention in engine oil can be emphasized in daily production to reduce cost loss.

cement brick making machine

1. The oil has obviously turned milky white, but it has no peculiar smell. At this time, water and air have been mixed into the oil. It is necessary to separate the water and air before using the oil after checking the appearance and viscosity of the oil.

2. The oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic cement brick making machine is transparent in appearance, but colored and odorless. Use the instrument to check the viscosity of the oil. If it meets the standard, it can be used continuously. However, mixed use of different brands or models should be avoided as far as possible, otherwise unknown faults may be caused and the service life of hydraulic oil will be greatly shortened.

3. The oil has turned dark brown and has peculiar smell, which indicates that the oil is seriously oxidized and the hydraulic oil of brick machine equipment must be replaced immediately.

4. Hydraulic oil is transparent, but there are small black spots or other impurities, no peculiar smell, good fluidity, can use the method of multiple filters to filter the oil first, check cement brick making machine appearance and oil viscosity standard after use.

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