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Installation Steps of Cement Brick Machine

The ex-factory machines have been inspected in the factory according to relevant regulations. However, due to long-distance transportation and long-term storage, the following inspections shall be carried out when installing the hot selling qt12-15 cement brick making machine:

1. Check whether the cement brick machine is damaged or deformed during transportation (pay special attention to hydraulic pipelines).

2. Check whether the fasteners in the main parts of qt12-15 brick making machine are loose.

hot selling qt12-15 cement brick making machine

3. Check the reducer. Whether the oil cylinder and lubricating points of the vibration table are filled with oil as required and whether the oil quantity is appropriate.

4. In addition to the hot selling qt12-15 cement brick making machine to conduct a comprehensive rub wiping work, before the test machine to the movement parts of the relative sliding parts in accordance with the provisions, oil lubrication. If the machine needs to be disassembled due to transportation, it can be divided into forming devices, plate feeding devices, feeding devices, brick discharging devices, palletizing devices, electric control devices, etc., which shall be assembled in place according to the assembly relationship during installation.

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