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Nine Notes For Operation Of Cement Brick Making Machine

QT12-15 cement brick making machine supplier recommended hydraulic brick machine is a very common building materials machinery, operating procedures are very important, in the use process must follow the following 9 elements:

1. When the cement brick making machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to put tools and hands into the roller to avoid accidents.

2. Check the clutch, brake, wire rope and so on before starting the cement brick machine every time. There shall be no foreign body in the roller.

3. When using the mixer, it must be placed in a solid place, with a bracket or leg drum frame stability, not tires instead of support.

QT12-15 cement brick making machine supplier

4. When the feeding hopper rises, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper. After the work is finished, the hopper should be fixed before leaving.

5. QT12-15 cement brick machine oil cylinder, valve block, valve parts, oil pipe and other hydraulic components, oil leakage, should be used to replace the oil seal, seal ring and other maintenance methods or the whole replacement, to avoid running with disease. Oil pump, oil motor in operation to often listen to, see, touch, found abnormal, must be shut down and discharged.

6. Please keep the hydraulic system, oil pipeline and hydraulic station clean.

7. Note that the oil temperature is too high, which affects the performance of the machine.

8. QT12-15 cement brick making machine for maintenance, should be fixed hopper, cut off the power.

9. The vibration and pressure time of the cement brick mechanism shall be strictly controlled. The vibration time shall be adjusted according to the product requirements.

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