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Fly Ash Brick Machine To Add Water

If any cement brick machine brand wants to stand on the market for a long time, it requires the staff to study persistently, update the content, enhance the ability, seek truth from facts, enrich the knowledge of high quality qt4-15 fly ash brick machine continuously in practice, and do the work of brick machine steadily. fly ash brick machine in the production of water is also very difficult to control, the customer is blind, how much water can be added to achieve the optimal configuration? How can ability produce do not stick to do not come loose, the cement brick with high strength, the proportion that adds water is more important. If the water is added more, raw materials bond in the cement brick machine mold, take off the mold, if added less water, raw materials do not form.

So how much water is added when fly ash brick machine is produced best?

high quality qt4-15 fly ash brick machine

Automatic qt4-15 fly ash brick machine can be used with the water pump, because the flow of the pump is fixed, can set the moment relay, control the opening moment of the water pump, can control the flow, if the raw material is the same as the dry and wet degree, just set, after each stirring of the moisture content is fixed.

Under normal circumstances, cement block machine production process, the moisture content of raw materials handling is about 10% in the most appropriate (500 kg of raw materials, adding water 50 kg) within the scope of the water, after mixing machine mixing, can and raw materials of cement mixing, if use hand to hold the raw materials, palm with water, then moisture content is exorbitant, need to add raw materials, if hold the hind, raw material package into a ball and not loose, palm and no water, just can be produced.

When high quality qt4-15 fly ash brick machine produces, add water 10% also is not to say changeless, some raw material is very wet, will add water less, some raw material is very dry, may want to add water to 20%, according to the dry and wet condition of your raw material, add right amount of water.

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