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How Does Cement Brick Machine Expel Air

1. There is air in the hydraulic system of qt12-15 cement brick making machine.

Elimination method: first check whether the oil pump suction pipe or suction flange leakage. If there is no leakage, it is likely that there is air in the pipe that has not been removed. The following methods can be used to exclude. (open the oil pump of qt12-15 cement brick machine, adjust the flow rate of proportional valve to the maximum, adjust the pressure to 2-3mp, then remove the vent screw beside the flow rate and the vent screw beside the pressure, slowly exhaust, until eliminated.)

cement brick making machine

2. Failure reason: the hydraulic oil level in the oil tank is too low.

Method of elimination: replenish hydraulic oil to proper oil level.

3. Failure reason: hydraulic oil of qt12-15 cement brick making machine enters water or deteriorates.

Method of elimination: drain the hydraulic oil in the oil tank and pipe of brick machine and replace it with new hydraulic oil. (before replacing hydraulic oil, clean the oil tank and filter screen.)

4. Fault reason: the plum blossom cushion between the oil pump and the motor is worn.

Elimination method: to qt12-15 cement brick making machine equipment replacement of new plum cushion.

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