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Common Faults Of Concrete Brick Making Machines

If oil leakage is found in the cylinder of the concrete brick making machine, the reason is that the seal in the cylinder loses the sealing effect. The corresponding type of seal should be replaced. If the brick-making machine oil pump motor is suppressed or hard to turn, resulting in motor burn, the reason is that the brick-making machine pressure regulating valve, distributor under the big nut pressure regulating too much. The main pressure regulating valve of the concrete brick making machine should be gradually reduced until the motor is not very difficult to rotate during normal operation.


The normal operation of the concrete brick machine input voltage is: high voltage 380v-410v, low voltage 330v-360v, the brick machine must be installed reliable grounding, in order to ensure the safety of the operation personnel, such as not according to the requirements of the installation of grounding device, easy to cause casualties of electric shock. The reason for the failure of the pressure regulating valve of brick-making machine is that the brick-making machine is regulating

The vibration force of vibrator vibration box of concrete brick making machine is insufficient, the period of brick producing is long or the density of brick producing is low, the reason is that the pressure of brick making machine is too large. The pressure adjustment of the lower die of the brick machine is too large, and the pressure suppresses the vibration of the vibrator. The reason for the open welding or damage of the mould, the balance arm and the parts of the main machine is that the pressure adjustment of the lower die is too small. Die down under the pressure regulation is too small, can't to lock lower die, causes the brick mold with vibrating impact force is too large, for the damaged parts is too large, different parts of the whole equipment condition of mould on the oil cylinder tubing shall be corresponding to the pressure is big, pressure regulating valve alone until the machine's vibration is stabilized, to reduce the breakage of the machines.


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