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Solution Of Jitter Of Brick Press Head

The solution to the jitter of the press head of brick making machine

When the head of the brick making machine drops, it will shake. The signs of this phenomenon usually appear in the following four aspects:

1. Bad contact of control line, solenoid valve coil or small relay.

Troubleshooting method: check the line of brick machine and troubleshoot.

brick presshead

2. There is air in the pressure cylinder.

Elimination method: through the proportional valve vent air, and then appropriate adjustment pilot sequence valve, let the pressure head gently down.

3. Pilot sequence valve regulation is too loose, pressure head down too fast; Or pilot sequence valve stuck or damaged.

Elimination method: appropriate adjustment of the brick machine pilot sequence valve, let the pressure head gently down. If not, clean the pilot sequence valve or replace it.

4. Small pump overflow valve high pressure regulation is too small.

Removal method: adjust the high pressure of the small pump overflow valve to the normal value (/ 8-10mpa).

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