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Concrete Block Machine Requirements For Sealing Materials

cheap concrete block making machine

Cheap concrete block making machine for sealing material requirements, the seal of the concrete block machine in the process of operation has a certain influence on the stability of the concrete block machine, so customers pay more attention to seal in the process of using the operation situation, found that abnormal need timely repair, in order to make the concrete block machine can normal operation, concrete block machine after installation requires users to timely in the process of using to screening of wearing parts, check the back wheel of the concrete block machine for attachments, if any shall timely clear, in the process of production according to the different water content of tile billet, Adjust packing depth to meet pressure requirement.

If found anomalies and concrete block making machine noise, to timely stop and check for noise, eliminate the causes of failure, and be able to make the concrete block machine the normal production, at the same time at the time of production, but also often see the shapes of produced adobes, to prevent the occurrence of crack, special-shaped bricks, size head, check the bearing temperature is not more than 60 degrees, copper tile temperature shall not be greater than 40 degrees, back to the table every turn in the process of spinning requires oil drop.

cheap concrete brick machine

If the die body wear, or damage to timely replacement die bodies or repair, adjust the tightness of triangle, if appear triangle wear or skid shall timely replacement of the new triangle, check the large copper tile abrasion conditions of connecting rod, adjust the amount of oil pump, replacement of the cheap concrete brick machine parts.

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