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Zhengzhou haomei machinery as the henan region is more famous hollow block machine equipment manufacturers, given to the factory will be very good maintenance, now the factory in the production of brick machine equipment not only in the quality of the lifting equipment and production technology, the equipment at the time of production of the production process is in the unceasing innovation, this is, of course, requires a certain of manpower and material resources, but haomei is not afraid of cost, no pain, no new returns.

hollow block machine for sale

Manufacturers have such strength, naturally to the company to choose and buy equipment customers will be more and more, in order to give the majority of customers to do some more manufacturers equipment knowledge of the content, hollow block machine manufacturers equipment technology installation test explanation.

What say above all is the technical safety problem that makes machine equipment, when equipment runs, must install all cover and ground cover plate. Check the grounding wires of the electrical department to avoid leakage, short connection, etc. The direction of the motor is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid the accident of the car. If abnormal equipment is found, parking inspection should be carried out immediately.

hollow block machine

When hollow block machine for sale is not started, do not start the feeding mechanism, in order to avoid overload, the occurrence of damage to the parts. Next to say the technical brick machine equipment installation test process, the equipment should be installed on the horizontal concrete foundation, the foot bolts fixed.

Pay attention to the vertical of main body and horizontal when installing. After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the main engine barn door is fastened. If so, please do so. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment. After inspection, empty load test, normal test can be produced.

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