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Advantages Of Automatic Brick Making Machine

The consistency of the moisture content of the cement bricks produced by automatic cement brick making machine is a big problem that puzzles our customers. If the moisture content is low, the hardness of the cement bricks made is not enough. If the moisture content is too high, the brick making machine produces The brick produced is not easy to demold, and it is difficult to control the moisture content in the material.

automatic cement brick making machine

Automatic brick making machine equipment is currently the most selected equipment for making no-fire bricks in the construction industry. Many customers will ask: What is the quality of the automatic brick making machine and the quality of the mats produced?

First, let's take a look at the strength of the cement brick produced by the block forming machine. After a long period of experiment, the cement brick produced by the hydraulic block forming machine produced by haomei reached 70Mpa, and the cement brick was dropped on the second floor. When it comes down, it still won't break, so you can easily see how hard the cement brick is.

Judging from the national requirements, as an excellent hydraulic block forming machine, the brick machine molds produced by haomei machinery are made in strict accordance with the national requirements. The cement bricks produced by fully automatic concrete block making machine have accurate dimensions and are engraved with a protective layer height Steel stamp is completely different from ordinary brick machine.

fully automatic concrete block making machine

From the point of view of the durability of the automatic brick making machine again, the materials used are the same as the concrete, strong adhesion, consistent expansion coefficient, no gaps even if steam curing, can be integrated with the concrete, effectively prevent air, rain, The corrosion of reinforcing steel caused by the penetration of seawater, etc. caused the concrete to fall off without worrying about mortar, which greatly improved the durability and safety of reinforced concrete.

haomei's fully automatic brick making machine has these advantages, so that we can have a place in the market of this increasingly competitive hydraulic block forming machine.

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