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Hollow Block Machine Requirements For Materials

What are the requirements for materials of hollow block machine equipment? I believe that hollow brick machine manufacturers should be relatively familiar with it. Share what the brick maker knows.

hollow block machine

The requirements of the hollow block machine on the particle size of the material aggregate: the maximum diagonal size of the single particle diameter direction of the aggregate, we call it the particle size of the material. The recommended coarse aggregate particle size range is 5-10mm according to the specifications. For the specific requirements of particle size, we generally follow the following principles as the necessary conditions for making bricks: for solid bricks, the maximum particle size of aggregate cannot exceed 10 mm; for hollow bricks (including hollow blocks), the particle size of aggregate should not be greater than 1/3 of the minimum wall thickness of the brick. The sufficient condition is that the average particle size (gradation) of the brick-making material should be set in the range of 3.7-3.8mm (the standard term is called: fineness modulus).

hollow bricks machine

Hollow bricks machine access to materials: Due to the different brick-making materials used, and the diversity of products, the known conditions and corresponding parameters faced by the production later appear to be more implicit. For different types of mixers, we all configure quantitatively according to the different requirements of the products, and set the corresponding parameters to control the mixing time and the water intake per unit time, so as to ensure the continuity and materials of the materials provided to the molding machine host. The stability of wet and dry degree is the prerequisite for ensuring the quality of brick making. Based on the above reasons, it is strongly recommended: a. Establish a storage shed to prevent the weather from affecting the humidity of the material; b. When retrieving the material, layer by layer should be taken from top to bottom to minimize the difference in moisture content of different material layers. Instability of the degree of dry and wet materials.

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