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What to do if the finished product produced by the brick moulding machine is defective

During the production process of the brick moulding machine, some customers report that the fabric layer has pits and looks very unsightly. The reasons for this are as follows. I hope you can refer to the comparison and find the true reason for yourself.

1. It depends on whether the long-row brushes on the unloading cart are worn, and the residual material on the indenter has not been cleaned. If so, the long-row brushes must be replaced in time.

2. Check the primer particles to see if they are too thick. If they are too thick, they will protrude to the surface of the fabric layer during molding, resulting in pits in the fabric layer. The raw materials should be selected according to the granularity explained by the technician.

brick moulding machine

3. Check the fabric pit to see if it is too shallow. The solution is to increase the pre-pressing time of the fabric of the brick moulding machine and increase the depth of the fabric pit. If you increase the fabric preload time, there is no way to increase the depth of the fabric pit. You can reduce the bottom material by reducing the rake material time or the material pre-vibration time.

4. See if the gap between the bottom frame surface of the rough car and the surface of the mold frame is too large, causing the residual material to remain on the surface of the mold frame when the material car is returned. Solution: Check the cement brick machine pallet (if the thickness of the pallet is uneven, the gap between the surface of the bottom frame of the rough car and the surface of the mold frame will be large and small, leaving residual material.) Adjust the height of the guide rail of the material car and Level, so that the workbench under the material car is level with the surface of the mold frame; the wear bar at the bottom of the material car is worn or the surface of the mold frame is worn. Repair the surface of the mold frame or replace the wear bar of the material car. Without affecting the production, during the mixing process, the humidity of the base material should be increased as much as possible to reduce the residual material on the mold frame.

cement brick machine

5. Reasons for failure: When the brick moulding machine lays the bottom material, the raking time is too long. After the coarse material is covered, it overflows from the gap between the bottom frame of the brick making machine car and the upper surface of the module, resulting in too much residual material on the surface of the mold frame. many. The solution is to reduce the rake time as much as possible.

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