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How many fiber pallets are used in cement brick machine

How many fiber pallets are suitable for China cement brick making machine depends on the type and output of the hydraulic brick machine. The output of different types of cement brick machines is different. Of course, the number of fiber pallets used is also unequal. I know everything except friends who haven't done it.

In addition, the number of fiber pallets used in the cement brick machine is also related to the brick type. The shape of the brick produced by the same cement brick machine equipment is different. The number of fiber pallets used in the brick machine is different. For example, the production of colored bread bricks The blocks need to be placed horizontally, which is definitely not the same as the cement standard bricks placed vertically. Also, the hollow bricks have a larger volume, so the output is different. The number of fiber pallets of the brick making machine used in your actual production process is also not same.

China cement brick making machine

Having said so much, the general cement brick machine equipment needs about how many china cement brick making machine fiber pallets. For example, if it is more than 100,000 hydraulic brick machines, it needs a little more than 1,000 brick machine fiber pallets. If more than 200,000 cement brick making machines are used, generally at least 1,500 to 2,000 pallets are required.

Of course, if you only produce cement standard bricks, colored bread bricks, or permeable bricks, then it is simple. Generally, fifty cement brick machine fiber pallets can be recycled, because these bricks can basically be palletized. It is not like a hollow brick that requires a maintenance interval to palletize. I am sure everyone understands here.

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