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Factors Affecting Quality Of Block Making Machine

Although we always say that in the operation of block making machine for sale, improper operation will cause quality problems of finished products, but it is not all. The quality of materials, also affects the production standards of the brick machine, and the brick machine wear, and must be produced after the cleaning work is also very important. Here's a specific analysis:

block making machine for sale

1. Materials are too dry. Should take out the dry material first, had better remove machine mouth and machine head, start the machine to drain the dry material in the mud cylinder after the installation and operation, and in the scope of the appropriate increase in molding water.

2. The long downtime makes the surplus material in the mud cylinder dry and hard. Not only is this severely overloaded, it sometimes fails to start. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, when the stop is more than 8 hours, do not close the dead machine mouth water, for the automatic block making machine should also be the mud in the upper mud cylinder of the appropriate water supply, in order to keep wet, if the stop is more than 2d should try to open the mud before the stop, do a good job in the mud cylinder cleaning.

3. The raw materials of different properties should be fully mixed and evenly, and the materials should be fully digested, so that the water can penetrate into the internal particles of the materials, reduce the surface water, and improve the product quality.

block machine sale

4. Can reduce the amount of molding water to increase the friction between the mud layer.

5. Check all parts of the equipment frequently, check the screw reamer, and keep the gap between the worn and the liner of the mud cylinder no more than 8mm.

6. The recycled waste shall be sent to block making machine for sale by mixing and processing the production specifications of composite block brick, so as to avoid the spiral pattern caused by the uneven density of the material itself or large particles.

7. The liner of the mud cylinder is so worn that the wall of the cylinder is too smooth, and the rotary movement of the mud material in the cylinder is too much. Repair or replace the liner of the mud cylinder.

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