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China block machine factory will introduce to you that you should pay attention to problems in the process of operating the brick-making machine.

hollow block machine for sale

First, the hollow brick machine is often produced day and night in the factory, which will inevitably cause certain damage to the machinery and equipment, so we need to maintain it regularly to ensure the normal and good operation of the machinery and equipment. The hopper must be fixed first during inspection and maintenance, and the power must be turned off.

Second, when hollow block machine for sale is working, the tools in use must not be put into the drum, otherwise safety accidents will occur.

Third, when we use the mixer, we must place the mixer in a relatively solid position, and we must add some brackets or foot tubes to stabilize the mixer, and tires cannot be used as support.

hollow block machine

Fourth, before we turn on the hollow bricks machine, we must check whether the clutch, brake, wire rope, etc. are in good condition, and the roller must not have waste, waste residue, etc.

Fifth, you must pay special attention when the hopper is raised. During this period, no one can be under the hopper. After the work is completed, you must remember to firmly fix the hopper of the brick making machine.

The quality and after-sales service of Haomei's brick making machine are very good. We have many stable and friendly old customers, and we hope that more and more new customers. If you are interested in hollow block machine related products, welcome to consult.

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