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Specification Of Hollow Bricks Making Machine Pallet

Generally speaking, the specifications of the mold are the same, so the pallet only needs two kinds of discrimination. Here, it refers to hollow bricks making machine, which is generally divided into 450 * 850 * 30mm. 550 * 850 * 30mm, different hydraulic machines have different pallets, this should be done according to the needs of users.

Generally speaking, pallets are made of two raw materials.

hollow bricks making machine

One is wood, which can be processed from a whole wood board. The pallet made in this way is sturdy and durable after blisters. The other is made of wood chips. This hollow bricks making machine pallet has a shorter life and a lower cost. low.

The other is a plastic pallet. This pallet has the same specifications and is strong and durable. The only defect is that the weight is too heavy. It is not easy for one person to lift and waste labor. However, it is definitely a wood board and has a long service life.

Generally speaking, when hollow bricks making machine leaves the factory, it will randomly bring a model, and then the customer can process according to the model.

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