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It is Necessary to Lubricate Brick Making Machine

brick moulding machine

For brick moulding machine Russia, good lubrication is very important. Lubricating oil is a liquid lubricant used in brick making machines to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It is mainly used for lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and cleaning, sealing and buffering.

By rationally selecting lubricants, the wear of brick machine parts and other moving parts can be reduced, and the life of moving parts can be prolonged. Not only can reduce friction, but also reduce equipment wear, greatly reducing the damage to the brick moulding machine.

large cement brick machine

As we all know, cooling can reduce damage to the machine, and cooling can better protect the machine. We can take away the heat generated during the operation of the equipment through the flow of friction agent, and play a cooling role, so that the machine can keep working at a reasonable temperature. The rigidity of lubricating oil is smaller than that of solid metal, which can make brick moulding machines have the function of buffer and shock absorption. When using lubricating grease, the self-sealing effect of lubricating grease can not only prevent the lubricant from flowing away in vain, but also prevent the intrusion of external impurities and play a sealing role to prevent the seal from being damaged. The effect of sealing can be seen at this time. The use of lubricants can effectively reduce consumption, brick machine molds, reduce friction coefficient, reduce equipment on friction work, thereby reducing power loss. By reducing friction, power loss can be reduced.

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