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Precautions for Disassembly of Block Machine

Bangladesh block making machine product hollow brick is a new type of wall material widely adopted and vigorously promoted by advanced industrial countries. It uses cement, sand, and other raw materials, and has the advantages of high hollow rate, good quality, low cost, and resistance to weathering. It does not use clay, does not compete with farmland for land, does not use fuel, and saves energy. The use of cliff rocks in the backing, the use of ore by the river, and the use of industrial waste residues relying on urban working conditions have abundant raw materials and a wide range of sources. Its production technology is simple, the investment in building a factory is low and the effect is quick, and it can be produced on a large scale, and it can be adapted to the majority of rural areas and cities. The use of it is not only easy to operate, but also shortens the construction period and lowers the project cost. Today, the cement brick machine factory will tell you how to disassemble and inspect the cement brick machine..

bangladesh block making machine

What is the general principle of disassembly of cement brick machine?

1. Correctly select disassembly tools and equipment, and do not allow violent knocking of damaged parts and tools;

2. When disassembling parts or combinations with prescribed direction marks, the direction and marks should be recorded clearly, and the mark should be re-marked if the mark is lost;

3. In order to avoid damage and loss of the disassembled qt10-15 block machine parts, they should be stored separately according to the size and accuracy of the parts, and placed in the order of disassembly;

4. The removed bolts, nuts, etc. should be installed back in place without affecting the repair;

5. Disassemble according to needs. For individuals that do not need to be disassembled, it can be judged to be good or not, so as to save time and energy, but the parts that need to be dismantled must be dismantled. It is impossible to save trouble and the repair quality cannot be guaranteed.

qt10-15 block machine

Zhengzhou Haomei's cement brick machine has simple production technology, low investment in plant construction and quick results. It is suitable for the majority of rural areas and cities. With low investment and quick results, cement brick machines have begun to be widely used and more and more show its broad prospects. So you must be more careful when using it, so as to bring you more benefits.

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