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How To Maintain Brick/Block Making Machine

Most of brick and block making machines work in harsh environments with gravel, wind and rain. The corrosion damage to the brick machine in the environment is more serious than other mechanical equipment, so its technical indicators decline quickly, in addition to the way the cement brick machine works Will cause parts wear, rust and scaling, resulting in reduced reliability, safety and economy of the block machine, and the working state becomes extremely unstable, so regular maintenance of the brick/block machine equipment is required.

Repair and maintenance of the brick and block making machine can improve the reliability of the brick machine equipment, make it have a good working condition, improve work efficiency, and extend the service life.

brick and block making machine

At present, for the maintenance of brick making machines, there are mainly the following points. Reinforcing, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning, long-term persistence will pay off. The strength and density do not match, and the density level is required to be less than 600 kg / cubic.It is to emphasize the insulation effect of blocks of this level to meet the needs of insulation and energy saving in cold areas.At present, only a small number of ultra-light ceramics with good performance can meet this Claim.

As the quality is not up to standard, there are hidden structural hazards in the building. Because the quality is not up to standard, it has left a huge hidden danger. If something goes wrong, it will be fine. Inferior bricks may save costs in a short period of time, but their years of use and potential safety hazards cannot be eliminated, which is still a huge waste. Therefore, it is necessary to do the daily maintenance work of the brick and block making machine.

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