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Why Output Of Cement Block Machine Is Low

What are the raw material factors that affect the workability of the cement block machine? It is well known that the main raw materials of the cement brick machine are cement and concrete, so the raw material factors are all related to cement.

1. Consistency of cement slurry

The consistency of the cement slurry depends on the water-cement ratio. The water-cement ratio is small, the cement slurry is thick, the fluidity is small, and the cohesiveness and water retention are good. If it is too small, it cannot guarantee the compactness of the construction; if it is too large, it will reduce the strength and durability.

cement block machine

2. The quantity of cement slurry is large and the fluidity is large. Too much, flow; too little, collapse.

3. The sand rate of the cement slurry is constant, the sand rate is too large, dry and thick, and the fluidity is small; if it is too small, the cement slurry is lost and isolated. This is also related to the output of brick making machines.

4. The temperature, time, and temperature of the admixture are high, the time is long, and the fluidity is small. With admixture, the fluidity is large.

5. Cement varieties and aggregate properties The cement is fine and the fluidity is good. Pebble concrete has better fluidity than gravel concrete.

In summary, the output of the cement block machine is closely related to the above factors and needs to be taken seriously.

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