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​Six Mistakes Of Block Machine For Sale

When we use the block machine for sale, we can't just pay attention to the conscious consumption. There are many orders for the consumption of the brick machine, so we should pay attention to it from all aspects.

First, the production of the brick machine is first of all the mixing of raw materials. To prevent the entry of large aggregates and prevent the damage of the abrasives, the raw materials must be stirred evenly. The bricks produced in this way meet the specifications and have a more beautiful appearance.

Second, the raw materials should be used in a timely manner after mixing, and long-term parking should be avoided. If the raw materials are condensed, they must be disposed of in time.

Third, each sequence in the operation process of the brick machine must reach a certain time, especially the shock pressure of the brick, so as to ensure that the finished brick reaches a certain density and strength. If it is found that there are residues in the abrasive tool, it should be liquidated in time to prevent the display of waste bricks.

block machine for sale

Fourth, the hydraulic brick machine for sale should always check the oil level, oil temperature and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil to prevent the hydraulic cylinder from being damaged due to lack of oil after the oil temperature is too high.

Fifth, it is necessary to timely check whether the three-dimensional pallet is smooth, if there are irregularities, it should be replaced in time, if continued use will cause the finished brick to break, the pallet should be placed in a cool place to prevent drying.

Sixth, one-day liquidation and maintenance of the brick machine should be stopped after the completion of the task in one day, so that not only can block machine for sale have a long life, but also benefit the task of the next day.

The above points please remember that good habits need to be developed little by little, which not only benefits daily consumption, but also plays a good role in nurturing bricks.

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