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Misunderstanding Of Brick Moulding Machine

Some customers for some reasons about high quality qt10-15 brick moulding machine misunderstanding, mainly reflected in the following points.

Defects of raw material ratio of brick moulding machine

Because many provide raw material of brick moulding machine manufacturer does not understand cement block ratio and production process, so it is very difficult to cement brick factory to provide correct and reasonable ratio of raw material for cement block, resulting in a large number of cement enterprises by their own so-called experiment to the ratio of raw material, the result cans be imagined, the proportion of different raw materials used in cement production is not the same, plus the cost of calculation is not correct, resulting in a large number of high quality qt10-15 brick moulding machine the product cost is too high, poor quality.

high quality qt10-15 brick moulding machine

The main performance is in a lot of cement brick enterprises think that any kind of raw material plus cement can be made brick, such as sand + cement can be made brick, this kind of low-level error is widespread in each brick factory, at the same time because of the raw material of cement brick material degree, humidity and mixing unreasonable control, directly affect the quality of cement brick.

Defects of brick moulding machine

1. The current domestic most are small and medium-sized brick factory use block production line, the device can be by changing the mold to produce various specifications of hollow block, but due to a lot of irresponsible misleading brick moulding machine, resulting in a large number of cement brick factories use this equipment to produce standard solid brick, although the yield increase, but due to the pressure of the equipment is too small, a direct result of compactness is not up to standard products, directly affect the strength of the brick, the folding resistance and breathable water quality indicators.

2. The name of high quality brick moulding machine has also become a lot of brick factory's heart, the actual pressure of this kind of brick machine claim and can not meet the actual requirements, plus the unreasonable raw material ratio and mixing equipment directly lead to the standard solid brick strength is too low, easy to crack, weathering and other problems.

The above point of view hope to allow customers to buy moulding machine more understanding of hydraulic brick machine equipment, reduce the cost, shield some unnecessary risks, to achieve a good profit.

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